Does branding lead packaging design… or does packaging shape the brand?

07 Dec 2020

In today’s retail environment, no business is purely the sum of its parts. When aiming to connect with the consumer, a brand takes on a life of its own with visual identity and signifiers – whi …

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Setting Packaging Artwork – 4 Common Mistakes

16 Sep 2020

Boiled down to just the fundamentals, packaging origination is taking on-screen design and translating it to real-world packaging, with the ideal combination of equipment to make it a reality. There i …

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Proactive brand management; it starts with perfect packaging pre-press

28 Aug 2020

Think about the last few products you bought. Regardless of value – from luxury once-in-a-lifetime purchases to the FMCG goods that we don’t think twice about - brand reputation and quality has …

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…but what ARE reprographics? – Creation

16 Apr 2020

Design is often thought of as the heart of great packaging and labels, but it doesn’t work in isolation. In the packaging industry, we often say that the reprographics process turns great de …

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What lies ahead for print, packaging and reprographics in 2020? Part One

10 Jan 2020

In today’s fast paced commercial environment, print and packaging businesses don’t stay still for long. As a result of being fundamentally driven and shaped by quickly shifting consumer demands, n …

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Rotary Screens

04 Nov 2019

As print demands on packaging and labelling become more complex, many businesses are considering how best to take their service offering to the next level, and one effective way to achieve this is by …

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