Five great reasons to go solvent-free with AWP™

01 Dec 2021

What does a long-term print sustainability strategy look like for your business?


If you’re like the thousands of businesses with Net Zero goals in the crosshairs, it takes a thorough analysis of the supply chain and its infrastructure, matched with deep understanding of product life cycles and their associated carbon emissions from raw material to finished goods.


For printers, it doesn’t need to be complicated. There are technologies available today that help to reduce your environmental impact through the print process and one that commands attention is the Asahi AWP™ DEW water washable flexo plate range, available from Creation.


So, why choose Asahi AWP for your flexographic print and packaging jobs? With a pioneering plate technology set to change the game, there are many fantastic reasons – but here are five of our favourites.


1 Think Carbon Trust accredited!

As we all look to the future of sustainable packaging, Net Zero is high on the agenda. Printers looking for an effective way to reduce carbon output through packaging and label print will find a lot to love about Asahi AWP plates.


The range is now PAS 2060 certified by the Carbon Trust through the hard work of developer Asahi Photoproducts. The accreditation takes the full life cycle of the plate into account and measures its carbon impact, and the result marks the flexo plates out as a strong choice for packaging sustainability.


2 Think solvent-free!

The most well-known quality of the Asahi AWP plate range is that it’s water washable. Conventional polymer flexo plates rely on VOC solvents to remove unpolymerised material, which is typically a mixture of chloro, acyclic or saturated cyclic hydrocarbons.


Of course, these solvents can be harmful to the environment and can present a hazard to print operators, but still need to be disposed of after use. Instead, Asahi AWP offers premium water-washable technology that’s ideal for flexo applications, while eliminating harmful solvent washout from the equation.


3 Think high-performance!

We tend to think that if a solution is more environmentally sound, it compromises in other areas, such as speed or quality. Asahi AWP proves that’s not the case!


With ‘Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer’, Asahi AWP™ plates provide exemplary ink transfer, registration and consistency. The result is that the technology boosts print quality, while the high plate resolution allows small, precise printing dots for outstanding definition and clarity. In fact, with CleanPrint technology, the plates can reproduce highlight dot sizes smaller than the thickness of a single human hair.


4 Think lightning fast!

One aspect that often takes printers by surprise is the excellent speed of water-washable plates, often outperforming thermal and conventional solvent plates.


Asahi AWP plates are engineered to transfer all remaining ink to the substrate, optimising makeready time and ink consumption. With CleanPrint technology, the plates come up to colour faster and do not need to be cleaned as regularly. In combination, reduced makeready and fewer press stops for plate cleaning adds up to potentially huge productivity gains for printers.


5 Think Fixed Colour Palette (FCP) printing!

An increasing number of printers are switching from multiple spot colours to a more environmentally focused Fixed Colour Palette model, saving costs, valuable space and resources. The technique can be achieved with CMYK inks, but even more versatility is available is a 7-colour range of CMYK/OGV inks. In this format, more than 90% of Pantone colours can be achieved without the need for spot colour inks.


While long successful in offset printing, the Fixed Colour Palette technique is now proving its viability in flexographic print operations. The precise register of CleanPrint plates such as Asahi AWP is perfect for using a fixed sequence of colours on press. With FCP printing, press washup between jobs can be reduced or eliminated, dramatically boosting efficiency in tandem with AWP’s impressive makeready speed.


Think Creation!

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