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Flexo Plates

We are able to supply traditional solvent, Dupont FAST and the award winning AWP (Asahi Waterwash Plate) all imaged using HD Technology.

AWP™-DEF/DEW Asahi Water Washable Plates

Developed for the next generation

AWP™, Asahi’s latest development and a unique platemaking technology, is a beneficial alternative to conventional flexographic plates. It is a water washable plate technology that eliminates the need for high temperatures or VOC solvents in the washout process, delivering precise plate-to-plate registration with reduced odour in the plate making process. AWP™ plates save time and money, reduce waste and assist in preserving precious energy resources while delivering stunning quality with brilliant images.


  • Excellent ink transfer for superlative ink coverage.
  • Consistent plate reproduction for precise registration and job-to-job consistency.
  • Reduced make-ready with fast run-up to colour due to dot stability and predictability.
  • 33% less plate production time required compared to solvent-based platemaking.
  • Processes with only five minutes drying time at a low temperature.
  • Excellent plate stability due to the low temperature production process.
Converters looking to move away from gravure and offset are truly surprised by what AWP can achieve.


DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST EASY EFE plate

The DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST EASY EFE delivers a consistent, higher quality solution producing improved print characteristics on press.

The DuPont plate is a built-in flat top dot digital plate designed for the highest quality printing of half tones, linework and solids. It also has an engineered surface for higher solid ink density without the need for micro-screening.

Suitable for flexible packaging and labelling, the DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST EASY EFE is recommended for printing on smooth surfaces and film substrates.


  • Provides a consistent and stable print surface.
  • Higher latitude and better uniformity reduces press make ready time.
  • Delivers higher resolution and a wide tonal range for crisper sharper printing results.
  • Production of finished plates is less than one hour, with no drying step needed – ideal for quick turnaround at the highest possible quality.
  • Production takes place without solvent washout.
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Dry Offset Plates

Dry Offset Printing is typically used for conical/cylindrical packaging, such as cans, aerosols and pots.

The ‘wet-on-wet’ ink transfer presents several distinct printing problems that must be addressed in both the pre-press and plate production departments before your packaging can truly stand out on the shelf.

Through continuous innovation we have overcome some of these traditional challenges for dry offset printing: Smooth highlights, clean printing of text and fine positive and negative linework are now possible.

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Rotary Screens

We have been making rotary screens for the label industry for over 10 years.

This experience combined with our continuous development in the manufacturing process, means we believe we are able to produce the most cost effective, quickest turnaround service currently available.

Our extensive product range offers our customers a wide range of solutions for almost every screen printing application.


TecScreen™ Rotary Screen Solution

We have been making rotary screens for the label industry for over 10 years.

Creation is an exclusive UK supplier of the Kocher & Beck rotary screens to the labels and narrow web market.

TecScreen™ from Kocher & Beck is a high definition, pre-coated screen made of a nickel-plated stainless-steel material, which is coated with photopolymer and covered with a protector carrier film.

Suitable for a wide range of material to cover all common printing tasks, TecScreen creates fast response, premium screen solutions for customers in either roll form, sheets cut to size or completely imaged and mounted.


  • Consistent quality, accuracy and registration over long print runs
  • HD 4000dpi imaging to give the finest detail
  • Symmetrical and durable fabric ensures high speed printing, long life and stability
  • Material compatible with all machine types and screen unit widths
  • Ability to reuse ANY end ring type, including Stork Rotamesh
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Kongsberg Cutting Table

The final part of the pre-press cycle is the Kongsberg cutting table, which delivers accurate results every time even on the most demanding materials or for the most complex jobs.

All of our flexo plates are automatically cut to ensure they are 100% press ready, resulting in a huge risk, time and cost saving for the printer, as well as increasing the longevity of the plates through round corner cutting.

All plates can also be permanently identified by scribing and tattooing the plates, which is essential particularly for pharmaceutical work auditing.

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