Creation OEE Calculator

Calculate how much you can save in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with Creation.

Utilising Flenex FW flexographic water washable plates not only benefits the environment, but saves you time and money!

Use our simple OEE calculator here to find out how much you can save – our typical client estimates a 30% saving when using Flenex FW against a solvent plate.

Production Input Data Calculated Data
Shift length ? min
Machine Make-Ready time ? min
Meal or short break ? min
Press down time (e.g. plate cleaning) ? min
Designed machine press speed ? m/min
Total Press run length ? m
Wasted printed material ? m

This document is created with the purpose of providing a better understanding of the OEE concept. Creation and all its affiliates however can NOT guarantee the accuracy of the established OEE figure at each local site.

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