Getting the most from your ink inventory with a prepress hero

06 Mar 2024

Whether printing impactful flexible packaging destined for store shelves, or high-end beverage labels designed to capture attention in the blink of an eye, inks are often the centre of a printer’s w …

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Confidence in print: technical mastery from a prepress partner

13 Dec 2023

Dream of having more inherent confidence in your printing? You’re not alone.  In a market that prizes speed, precision and efficiency, the role of a reprographics partner like Creation moves from …

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Packaging and label printing without limits – the Creation ‘Repro-lution’.

09 Nov 2023

In today's highly competitive label and flexible packaging printing industry, what does success look like for your business?  For the most successful printers and converters, it hinges on speed, p …

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Why explore water-washable flexo plates in 2024?

06 Oct 2023

One thing that makes the world of label and packaging printing so exciting is that it’s constantly evolving, with new technologies and techniques being developed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, …

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Unlocking the power of Expanded Colour Gamut printing

11 Sep 2023

For printers creating packaging and labels for their brand partners, precision and vibrancy are paramount. Quality is crucial, and brands demand nothing less than perfection when it comes to colour …

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Packaging for a Net Zero world: Where does pre-press fit into the equation?

11 Sep 2023

What will the print and packaging industry look like five years from now? How about ten? One of the most challenging aspects of the packaging industry is how quickly sweeping cross-market trends ca …

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