Reprographics: a solution to the printing industry paper shortage

14 Jun 2022

As printers aim to deliver quality, speed, and value for their brand partners, complexities in today’s supply chain can easily create new pressures and crucially, eat away at the bottom line. &nb …

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Cleaner, leaner and greener – explore Flenex FW flexo plates with Creation

05 May 2022

Our experienced packaging and label reprographics team prides itself on offering a truly leading range of sustainable technologies for our print customers. As the market continues to move towards …

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How can printers reduce costs with smarter packaging and label reprographics?

26 Apr 2022

Today’s printers have more plates to spin than ever before – please excuse the pun! Regardless of run length, quality has to remain at exemplary levels, while speed, innovation and sustainabili …

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Why is colour consistency so important?

17 Mar 2022

It is no secret that colour is a critical part of a brand’s identity. Getting colours perfectly accurate on all products, no matter what materials they might be packed in, is crucial for any brand. …

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Packaging trends to watch in 2022

17 Feb 2022

One of the most exciting elements of the packaging and label sectors is how quickly it shifts and evolves – the industry never stays still for long. How consumers make purchase choices is a hugel …

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Why choose Extended Colour Gamut printing?

08 Dec 2021

Colour is the heart of brand identity. From start-ups to multinationals, finding the ideal colour and replicating it faithfully across product ranges, SKUs and materials can give brand owners a few he …

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