Clicks vs bricks

Bricks v Clicks: Flexo print for the next generation of retail – Creation

25 Jul 2018

The retail industry is in a heightened state of flux. The development of brick to click to e-commerce, m-commerce and back again via a-commerce is sweeping over brands, retailers and converters with a …

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Creation: A sustainable pre-press process is one of the keys to truly eco-friendly packaging – Creation

29 Jun 2018

From coffee cups that can’t be recycled to the scourge of single use plastics, the media has been frenzied since the turn of the year in damning plastics and packaging in its various forms. Consu …

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Packaging Design

Creation: Principles of Great Packaging Design In 2018 – Creation

09 Apr 2018

Traditionally great packaging design has been all about delivering innovative graphics and materials, combined with the clear expression of the brand ethos, to ensure the product stands out on shelf. …

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Enhancing productivity with overall equipment effectiveness – Creation

19 Mar 2018

With the evolving packaging landscape placing increasing productivity pressures on flexographic printers, it is more important than ever to ensure systems are optimised across all areas of operation. …

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Print trends 2018

Print 2018: The Creation View

17 Jan 2018

As the year turns, we start to think about what the next year is going to hold for us as a business. Are we going to see more of the same – a continued focus on cost down, the need for speed and con …

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Colour-blog image

The Pantone of Packaging: Colouring between the lines – Creation

22 Nov 2017

Visualise a soft drink can in signature red with a white swirl and you instinctively think of Coco-Cola. How about a sleek, simple white box seen in a high-tech shop? Most people will associate that w …

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