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Packaging trends to watch in 2022

17 Feb 2022

One of the most exciting elements of the packaging and label sectors is how quickly it shifts and evolves – the industry never stays still for long. How consumers make purchase choices is a hugel …

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Why choose Extended Colour Gamut printing?

08 Dec 2021

Colour is the heart of brand identity. From start-ups to multinationals, finding the ideal colour and replicating it faithfully across product ranges, SKUs and materials can give brand owners a few he …

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Five great reasons to go solvent-free with AWP™

01 Dec 2021

What does a long-term print sustainability strategy look like for your business?   If you’re like the thousands of businesses with Net Zero goals in the crosshairs, it takes a thorough an …

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Creation Blog

Supporting on-press OEE in packaging repro

11 Nov 2021

For label and packaging printers around the world, pressure to deliver high volumes, outstanding quality and sustainable operations is at an all-time high. It can feel a lot like spinning plates as de …

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Ink 3

Thinking Inks – Solving common printer challenges

10 Oct 2021

Inks, comprising of a varnish, oil and pigment, are a critical component of packaging and label print – but they can also be one of the most complicated aspects for printers to manage.   …

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Dot gains

Understanding dot gain and its common causes in flexo printing

17 Jun 2021

When setting up print operations to deliver packaging and labels that wow, there are many varied and intricate variables that can affect the quality of the result.   After all, a design can …

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