Rotary Screens

04 Nov 2019

As print demands on packaging and labelling become more complex, many businesses are considering how best to take their service offering to the next level, and one effective way to achieve this is by turning to one of the most versatile and consistent print methods.

Rotary screens are a staple of the label and narrow web print industry, generating a number of unique graphical advantages over alternative print methods. At Creation, we have been supplying them to the print and packaging sector for over 10 years.

Customer demands are evolving and the print landscape has moved quickly with changing technologies and advancements. As savvy customers know the difference between flexo white and rotary screen white, rotary screen printing has become integral to the design and production of cosmetics and beverage labelling, as well as narrow web print, and particularly for a ‘no-label’ look.

Essentially, the rotary screen transfers larger quantities of ink onto the substrate, with a doctor blade pushing ink through the rotary screen surface and onto the material. This process is one of the key benefits of the format and why it’s a perfect match for narrow web and label printing; it creates a combination of consistency, look and feel that other contemporary printing methods often struggle to match.

Starting the flexo process with a solid and consistent application of screen white or block colours, great rotary screens transform the substrate and help make outstanding label design into a reality. At Creation, we deliver premium screen solutions in roll form, cut-to-size sheets or completely imaged and mounted. As the technology continues to advance apace, more label manufacturers are looking to integrate rotary screens into their production processes. So, why print using rotary screens?

Perfect Print Performance

At Creation, we use every part of our extensive reprographics experience to offer rotary screens with consistent accuracy and registration over long runs. Consumers today demand quality every time, and rotary screens provided by Creation truly stand out. The TecScreen rotary screen can provide high definition imaging of resolutions up to 4000dpi, replicating designs in astonishing detail. They can also be retrofitted to existing flexographic print presses.

The symmetrical and durable substrate ensures high-speed printing without losing quality, precision or fidelity. Rotary screens provided by Creation are noted for leading registration over long runs, making them a fantastic investment for extended production jobs.

What’s more, the rotary screen printing method benefits from the composition and thickness of inks used during the process, which allows it to stand up to greater stress levels without compromising on the quality of the print.

Historically, mechanising print through a rotary screen press came with a drawback of lengthier drying times as a result of thicker ink layers. However, modern day inks can be cured by ultraviolet light to dramatically cut the drying time, leaving an end result of full, thick coverage without extensive and unwieldy drying periods.

Flexo Flexibility

Imagine having fast, reliable and economical transfer of thicker ink layers in labelling and narrow web print. Rotary screens not only make this a reality, they can bring a host of additional qualities to the substrate to meet any contemporary label design demand, such as metallic colours and opaques – even special varnishes. Rotary screen printing is one of the most versatile formats in the industry and has long been noted for its wide variety of practical uses.

Advancements in rotary screen technology have given the medium an expansive range of applications that brings one of the older print formats to the forefront of modern production technniques. TecScreen grades boast a wide range of materials to cover all common print tasks and are material-compatible with all machine types and screen unit widths. The extremely robust coating also protects against damage, reducing the need for remakes.

Importantly, for even greater versatility, rotary screens provided by Creation can reuse any end ring type, including Stork Rotamesh. Notably, Creation offers 24/7 production for fast turnaround and can be ordered through the CreationLink web-based ordering platform.

In Summary

Rotary screen printing is one of the oldest print methods still in use today – but its longevity is testament to the value it brings to the print supply chain. For narrow web and label printing, rotary screens offer consistency alongside fuller, thicker ink coverage, which is why it is still a go-to print method.

While other print techniques have come and gone as technology progresses, rotary screens have remained a reliable and robust medium for label printing, and as businesses look to reduce waste from remakes and inconsistent quality, the true value of rotary screen printing becomes apparent.

As a specialist in packaging and label reprographics, we understand the complexities of turning stunning design into standout shelf appeal. To find out more about implementing rotary screens into your flexographic print processes, speak to our team today.

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