Proactive brand management; it starts with perfect packaging pre-press

28 Aug 2020

Think about the last few products you bought.

Regardless of value – from luxury once-in-a-lifetime purchases to the FMCG goods that we don’t think twice about – brand reputation and quality has a role to play.

As consumers, how we make purchase decisions is crucial to commercial success. Brands spend many millions across the globe to better understand how certain products are selected. Compounding the problem, consumers are becoming less brand loyal as a result of changing needs and cultural shifts.

In a commercial retail market that puts so much emphasis on first impressions and visual impact, it often falls to packaging to engage with the consumer and capture sales over competing brands.

At Creation, our expert team benefits from a birds-eye view of the full packaging design-to-shelf value chain. The upshot is that Creation is perfectly positioned to match consumer needs and demands with branded packaging that engages and delivers on their terms.

Since the aesthetics of packaging play such an important part in retail today, it must be met with prepress that sets brands up for success with precision, efficiency and quality. So, where does pre-press support brand management and commercial reputation?

Colour and consistency that delights

As the first visual touchpoint for the consumer, colour is essential to branding. The statistics truly speak for themselves:

  • According to brand equity consultant Pam Moore, it takes just 5 to 7 impressions for consumers to begin recognising a brand
  • Forbes report that consistent use of colour as part of a visual identity improves brand recognition by 80%
  • Additional reports from Forbes highlight that presenting a brand’s visual identity consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%

Take a look at some of the biggest FMCG brands to develop in modern retail, and one of the common denominators is a firm grip of brand colours. Coca Cola is a classic example – the red and white colours have become synonymous with the brand. In fact, Coca Cola’s own statistics report that 94% of the entire global population recognise the brand on sight!

Brand management is all about creating a distinct visual signifier through colour – and maintaining consistency. Choose a prepress partner that can match print origination technology with colour management that supports brand identity with accuracy.

Colours are evocative – they can be used to influence emotion and make us feel a certain way. For example, lighter blue tones tend to convey bright skies and limitless potential. Conversely, we tend to connect darker blues with royalty, luxury and serenity. Similarly, yellows in visual identity are used to signify optimism, warmth and clarity.

The ideal prepress partner can recreate signature colours regardless of substrate, finishes or print format, and must be able to translate brand iconography into real-world shelf appeal in all instances. Success doesn’t just lie in choosing the ideal hue that speaks to the target audience, but in replicating it time after time, whatever the application.

At Creation, our team of packaging specialists can recommend the ideal inks – with the perfect laydown – with plates that deliver. The result is packaging artwork, reprographics, screens and polymer plate manufacturing that doesn’t just look great in store and present a strong argument to the consumer but play an active role in brand management.

Cut out errors

The value proposition for the consumer doesn’t start and finish with cost – how products are chosen is much more complex! For brands and their packaging and label suppliers alike, it becomes a challenge of consistency.

The human eye is an incredible work of design. It can perceive, identify and differentiate minute changes in colour – and automatically hones-in on changes or inconsistencies. Colour, imagery and quality matters. As brand loyalty dwindles, commercial success becomes a question of removing barriers to purchase and inconsistent branding becomes central to conveying a message of quality, professionalism and trust.

So, where does the real value of consistent print lie for brands? When misprints or inconsistent colours can mean the difference between a sale or a product being left on the shelf in favour of a competitor, every single part of the packaging design puzzle has a vital role to play and comes with bottom-line effects.

Consistent error-free printing naturally begins with quality pre-press and artwork origination.  Factors such as weight, surface tension, opacity and material origin, paper and film substrates can change how the ink is accepted, which can potentially lead to inconsistent colour quality across multiple packaging SKUs. It’s therefore vital to select a partner with the experience to deliver across any, and all, print mediums.

With advanced oversight of the process and enviable experience, the Creation team manages colour processes that play a part in consistency and brand management. What our partners love is that because we’re so focused on delivering visual impact, quality and consistency from the outset, this value naturally flows into the quality of the end product.


Maintaining brand consistency doesn’t need to be a siloed and difficult affair – let all the pieces of the packaging process play a role.

Choose a partner that understands prepress like no other, with the technical expertise to deliver on projects of every size. The core benefit of an outstanding repro partner is not just setting artwork into an appropriate print format but contributing skills and advice that creates real on-shelf appeal. As the retail sector becomes ever more complex and crowded and brands seek ways to support a consistent and recognisable brand, why not begin with a prepress solution that wows?

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