Packaging Asset Management

A flexible centralised, secure, online digital warehouse for a brands packaging assets: technical key lines, artwork, graphics, logos, images and other packaging elements.


Easy organisation and fast retrieval

Creation Online Webcenter is the one place where everything comes together. You now have a view on all parts of your business. Structural design, graphic design, business information, or specifications: WebCenter has it all under control.

Creation Online WebCenter’s search tools make it easy to find projects and documents based on very specific metadata. Search on specific barcodes, inks, structural designs for a specific kind of board, design briefs… WebCenter allows you to design your search result with search panel design and allows you to add custom filters to make it easier for the end user. While your internal people can filter down search results on internal job number and printing method, your customer will be able to filter down the results using order number, product type etc…



  • Better asset reusability thanks to centralised storage
  • Improves accountability with version control and history tracking
  • Efficiency improvement because of faster document retrieval and data sharing

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