Packaging Approval Management

WebCenter is a platform to review and approve graphical content anywhere, anytime



View, annotate and compare

WebCenter keeps everyone on the same page by providing easy-to-use viewing and annotation tools. You can view, markup and approve CAD files, PDF files and image files in a browser with WebCenter’s high resolution viewer. The viewer supports single page, multi page and imposition documents within the same viewing environment.


Track annotations

The annotation and viewing tools allow users to add comments, accurately indicate corrections and interact with files. The annotation framework tracks who said what, and when. It also shows the status of each annotation.


Compare versions

The viewer allows users to measure ink details and dimensions. You can consult the document history and give approvals. When more than one version is available, the compare tool highlights the differences. You can even compare different versions of different documents, giving you the ultimate quality assurance and error detection.



Work on the same file, together

Multiple users can even setup a collaboration sessions connecting everything. Users work on the same file with exactly the same view. As comments are made, all the other users instantly see the comments and corrections on their screen, in real time.


  • 60{68e66f0ef2473a7387a40328f2132afaf2acacf4a262c949d3a452173c0b864f} reduction in hard copy proofing and shipping cost
  • 25{68e66f0ef2473a7387a40328f2132afaf2acacf4a262c949d3a452173c0b864f} savings on operator time because of quality feedback and less interventions
  • Approval turnaround time reduced from weeks to days

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