Use International Print Day 2023 to promote global industry, urges Creation

Matt Francklow

Creation Reprographics (‘Creation’), prepress and repro specialist to the packaging and label sectors, is urging the UK print sector to use International Print Day 2023 (IPD) as a vital showcase of the industry’s strength. 

With the theme for 2023 being #PrintConnects, Creation recognises the importance of this event as a unique opportunity for the UK print and packaging industry to reconnect with global brands amidst a challenging international market, characterised by evolving sustainability legislation and continuing logistical challenges.

Taking place October 25th, International Print Day is an annual celebration that unites printing professionals from around the world to celebrate the art, science, and innovation of print. The UK print and packaging sector, renowned for its technical prowess and innovation, plays a pivotal role in the global supply chain. 

As sustainability regulations continue to tighten across Europe and the world, the printing and packaging industries face new challenges and opportunities, and Creation believes that International Print Day 2023 presents an occasion for UK printers to highlight their commitment to sustainability and engage with European and global brands.

Matt Francklow, Director of Creation Reprographics, commented on the significance of IPD 2023, stating, “We’re moving into a golden age of print, particularly when it comes to sustainability awareness and legislation, but with that comes mounting challenges – and the UK print and packaging industry has a vital role to play. From our perspective, International Print Day is a perfect platform to demonstrate our industry’s capabilities on the world’s stage, and we’ll be taking part in our own way.”

“Take a look around the UK print sector and you’ll see bold innovation, resilience and next-level performance. For example, colour precision has never been more accessible, and brands are relying on printers to explore tomorrow’s substrates today. For our part, we’ve focused our efforts on becoming the go-to name for low-carbon prepress to show how print sustainability begins with better pre-press processes and management. 

“We have added new solvent-free Fujifilm Flenex-FW flexo plates to our product lineup, we’re championing fixed palette printing as a core waste (and cost) reduction tool, and we’re working to make proofing and prepress work harder in the fight for print sustainability. This International Print Day, whether it’s getting involved in global webinars to share insight and best practice or putting on a packaging and labels showcase with the latest examples of print excellence, we want to see UK printers really take advantage of this opportunity and get involved – because we have a lot to shout about.”

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