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Asahi AWP

Creation Reprographics, specialists in packaging artwork, reprographics and plate production, has supported Hamilton Adhesive Labels to excel in print excellence following the adoption of its Asahi AWP® flexographic plate system.

Since 2016, Creation and Hamilton, a leading manufacturer of printed and plain labels, have been collaborating to successfully integrate the Asahi AWP water washable plate into operations, utilising the plates print superiority and extensive sustainability credentials.

Paul Larkin, Operations Director at Hamilton Adhesive Labels, said: “AWP is considered by many as best in class. Designed for high quality print performance, AWP does more than match traditional solvent plates, outperforming the best digital plates currently available for flexo.

“Following the extensive benchmarking programme we carried out at Hamilton, we are extremely impressed with the dot reproduction, repeatable quality and stability of the plate on press. The plate also lasts longer. It has much greater durability, reducing the number of times we have to remake a new plate, which of course means less ink and substrate waste and more press up time. We have also experienced higher press speeds and improved productivity as a result.”

The Asahi AWP photopolymer plate technology is water washable eliminating the need for high temperatures or harmful solvents in the washout process, dramatically improving the quality and consistency of print, as well as supporting Hamilton’s sustainable printing strategy.

Creation understands the complexities of the industry in delivering competitive and efficient printing processes and supported Hamilton throughout internal trials enabling the company to produce premium printed labels.

“We regard Creation as a trusted partner,” added Larkin. “A core supplier relationship like this is critical – without it, we can’t produce high quality labels to present to the market. We believe the complete service offering at Creation is unrivalled. Not only are we achieving great print results now we have Creation on board, we are able to produce labels of the highest quality with minimum effort and turnaround time. Creation extends its role to beyond producing plates – they become part of the business.”

Established in 2004, Creation offers 24-hour reprographics and platemaking services to the UK and European print markets. The company works across the food & beverage, personal & home care, horticulture and pharmaceutical markets designing solutions for labelling, folding carton, rigid and flexible packaging applications.

Matt Francklow, Creation Managing Director, said: “We work with different clients across the supply chain from ink companies and printers to film producers and packaging manufacturers to ensure a smooth operational transition from one company to another.

“Our relationship with Hamilton is well established and we have fine-tuned our collaborative working practices to benefit both companies. We are proud to work with a leading manufacturer of printed and plain labels and value our partnership and the advantages it reaps.”

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