Creation shares label trends insights for 2023

Matt Francklow

Creation Reprographics (‘Creation’), a dedicated prepress and repro partner to label printers, has shared its perspective on the design trends expected to influence label design and printing through 2023. 


The business, which supports printers in all aspects of prepress, origination and colour management, believes key clues point toward how the label sector will shift and evolve through the coming year. 


Matt Francklow, Managing Director at Creation, explains: “Despite much of the dust settling on a tumultuous period, we’re still looking at a volatile retail market; supply chain disruption is easing but we’re now seeing record inflation affecting businesses of every size. This is pushing up costs, which cannot easily be absorbed and tends to force price increases downstream. In term of both design and production, we are expecting to see several trends surging to the forefront in the label category,  


“In terms of design language and aesthetics for new labels, the trend for minimalism is set to continue, very much in line with the trend of ‘mindful design’ that aims to instil a sense calm in consumers. Where brighter, almost graffiti-inspired design and colour blocking have risen to prominence, we now see bold simplicity and clean lines. Designer are keeping it soft, sleek and chic.


“This is connected to the growing drive for label premiumisation. The design techniques that we see so often in the high value beverage sector are filtering out to more product categories. After a difficult couple of years, I think we’re all looking for a bit of escape and a touch of luxury in the ‘everyday’, and brands are responding to this. As a result, we are also likely to see more attention on tactile premium finishing that captures the eye on-shelf and turns handling into an experience, such as UV inks, embossing and hot and cold foiling. Premium finishes have been climbing in usage lately, but 2023 could be a particularly strong year in this field.” 


As a leading name in label and packaging reprographics, Creation helps its printing customers deliver more for their brand partners and believes that the recent supply chain challenges could result in a more robust industry.  


Alongside comprehensive services in colour management, flexographic plate supply and origination, the business supplies Kocher & Beck TecScreen™ Rotary Screens to the label printing market. Prized by label printers for consistent accuracy and registration over long runs, the technology also brings enhanced versatility, compatible with all machine types and screen unit widths.  


Matt adds: “With mounting pressures, 2023 will be a real test of which label printers can make optimal use of resources and control the bottom line, without sacrificing key areas such as sustainability. It’s here that a repro partner drives enormous value because resource optimisation is our bread and butter. We can support our customers with effective management of inks and consumables, help them reduce time and energy use, and even streamline approval workflows.   


“It feels like a lot for label printers to juggle – quality must be exemplary, but we also look for efficiency and precision over high volume runs, while also having the agility to accomplish short runs. To distil what we believe will shape the market through 2023, it’s all about achieving more with less.” 


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