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Asahi AWP

Creation Reprographics Ltd., a UK specialist in packaging artwork, reprographics and sleeve and plate production, has strengthened operational efficiency with the introduction of an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) strategy.

The company’s OEE strategy fine-tunes all areas of productivity to enable swift, high-quality turnarounds and deliver the utmost customer satisfaction.

Matt Franklow, Creation Reprographics Managing Director, said: “The print landscape is moving more and more towards shorter runs and the industry needs to be able to cater for this with fast service capabilities. We are constantly examining and honing our processes through a thorough OEE programme to ensure the highest standard print solutions.

“At Creation we pride ourselves on challenging the status quo so we pioneered the technology in the U.K from the outset for its stand-out performance compared to other photopolymer plates. We have invested heavily in developing a streamlined reprographics and plate production process and the number of repeat clients now utilising the technology proves that its outstanding print accuracy and calibre is appreciated.”

To support this, Creation has introduced the Asahi Photoproducts AWPTM water washable flexographic plate solution to optimise efficiency and output quality.

The Asahi AWPTM plate is using Clean Transfer Technology and ideal for enhancing organisations’ efficiency, delivering right first-time production for printers and surpassing other solvent plates in ink transfer, plate longevity and dimensional stability. It ticks all the boxes of a comprehensive OEE programme, which considers equipment availability, performance and quality, by accelerating processes and minimising the gaps between jobs while reducing wastage.

The AWPTM plate offers excellent abrasion resistance and can be delivered within 1-3 hours, depending on the job, securing fast turnarounds and exceeding customers’ expectations. It is water washable, which is in balance with the environment and can transfer and release virtually all the ink it takes from the anilox – minimising ink cost and waste. Typical problems such as ink build-up and dot bridging, which are common with other technologies, are virtually eliminated and the number of press stops due to plate dirtying is significantly reduced. In fact, the ink release is so impressive that the plate is nearly clean at the end of the run.

Mr Franklow added “The AWPTM plate’s progressive features are as beneficial for printers as they are for customers and serve as a perfect example to the industry of how OEE programmes can and should be implemented to improve organisational effectiveness and service offering.”

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