Creation Reprographics takes its EH&S responsibilities towards its employees, their families, customers, suppliers and the local community extremely seriously. It is committed to the supply of safe, legal and regulatory compliant products and services for customers, all of whom are seeking reassurance from their supply chains with regard to this likely pandemic. This is the purpose of this statement.

  • Creation has received full and detailed reassurance from its supply partners that they have no raw material or part finished product originating in areas known to be centres of infection. In any event, it is confirmed that the virus will have no appreciable survival time on inert surfaces.
  • The impact on production capacity of staff shortages, compulsory isolation or barriers to movement is not evident at this stage. Creation will update its key stakeholders were that to become the case.
  • Creation has within its network a geographical spread of resource which can be rebalanced and re-tasked should circumstances require it.
  • Creation is observing and complying with all recommendations from Her Majesty’s Government as they evolve. This includes measures to ensure risk minimisation and safe operating by its own staff.
  • For the time being, Creation is not encountering any restrictions on its capacity to serve customers.
  • Should any of the above statements require alteration over the coming weeks this advice will be updated.

Geoff Davy Chairman

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