Distilling the benefits of a prepress partner

11 Sep 2023

Reflecting an ever-changing retail market, the world of label and packaging printing never stays still for long.

Printers and converters are constantly striving to capture the attention of today’s discerning consumers, all while battling rising costs, demand for short runs and even shorter lead times, and the need to balance eye-catching visual impact with demonstrably sustainable operations.

With the mounting challenges for printers, the case for a dedicated prepress partner grows. An experienced partner, such as Creation, not only ensures the seamless translation of design concepts into outstanding packaging and labels, but also collaborates closely with printers to deliver quality graphics that forge a deeper connection with the modern consumer.

In this blog, we will explore the vital ways in which a reliable prepress partner contributes to the success of printers in meeting today’s consumer demands.


A guide to market trends

As shoppers’ preferences rapidly change, it is crucial for printers to stay ahead of the curve in all aspects, from design and materials through to branding and iconography on-pack. With a very focused perspective on today’s print and packaging trends, a trusted prepress partner should act as a knowledgeable guide rather than simply a supplier. To help printers excel, this should involve providing valuable insights into the latest market trends and consumer behaviour.

For a business such as Creation, it’s vital that its team understands evolution in consumer preferences, assesses popular design elements, and recommends innovative graphics that resonate with the target audience. This understanding empowers printers to create packaging and labels that effectively engage consumers and leave a lasting impact on their purchasing decisions.


Embracing Advanced Reprographics Technology

Even before a single printing press is fired up, printers and converters must be up to date with key technology advancements to stay competitive. From proofing and colour management tools, all the way through to workflow solutions, a great prepress partner invests in cutting-edge technology and software solutions that enhance the printing process.

A prime example is the use of water-washable flexo plates. Creation is proud to supply Fujifilm Flenex-FW, a solvent-free flexo plate technology that eliminates the need for solvents in prepress.

Challenging the idea that sustainability is always a compromise, the plates bring exceptional quality, consistency and speed, while also helping to control costs through reduced energy requirements. Through Creation, this technology has never been more accessible, enabling packaging and label printers to access these advantages simply and effectively.

By adopting the latest reprographics techniques through an experienced partner, printers can produce superior quality graphics that stand out on shelf and digital platforms alike.


Unlocking consistency

Colour consistency is a critical aspect of packaging and label design and getting it wrong can bring significant costs and delays for converters. As a ‘translator’ between digital design and real-world packaging, a reliable repro partner works closely with printers to ensure that the colours rendered on digital proofs match the final printed output.

With unmatched expertise in prepress and ink behaviours, a prepress partner can optimise printing equipment and employ colour management practices, to bring flawlessly replicated colour reproduction across various substrates and printing methods.

This level of accuracy not only enhances that all-important brand recognition, but also builds consumer trust by delivering consistent experiences when the pack arrives on store shelves.


Streamlining Production Workflow

Efficiency in the production process is crucial to meet tight deadlines and maintain cost-effectiveness. As costs continue to increase and margins are squeezed ever tighter, it’s never been more important for label printers to build slick, clear and agile processes.

A great prepress partner, like Creation, assists printers in optimising their workflow, reducing turnaround times, and eliminating potential bottlenecks by supplying digital workflow solutions. Automated workflows, including Esko WebCenter and Esko Automation Engine, help reduce approval cycles and speed up the artwork, repro and delivery process ensuring a smooth and error-free production process, ultimately contributing to on-time delivery of impactful packaging and label graphics.


Supporting the drive for sustainability

Driven by rising consumer demand and expanding legislation, the drive for more demonstrably sustainable packaging and label printing has become a key decision-making factor for consumers. A responsible prepress partner knows how to set the right conditions for success and should help their converter customers to access environmentally focused solutions in their packaging and labelling processes.

With sustainability moving from small, siloed components to a connected whole, a prepress partner can assist in many ways. In addition to supplying water-washable flexo plates, this could include recommending recyclable substrates to close the packaging loop, through to reducing ink waste through colour management services.

Like every great story, print success starts with a strong beginning. Since the label and packaging printing industry is so dynamic, and can change rapidly, a great prepress partner plays an indispensable role in empowering printers to deliver quality, impactful graphics that connect directly with today’s consumer.

By understanding market trends, making advanced pre-press technology more accessible, ensuring colour accuracy and streamlining production workflows, a prepress partner like Creation helps printers to enhance and amplify their own strengths.

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