Centralised Colour Management


Accurate brand and spot colour matching

Everyone needs access to the same colour information. The goal is to create an environment of colour predictability, allowing us to make the necessary colour critical decisions.

Proofing optimised for brand packaging

Brand packaging makes extensive use of designer (spot) colours. Having an accurate proof early in the life cycle sets the correct expectations and optimizes print production, avoiding costly errors and waste.

Centralised colour data

Creation Online WebCenter can be used as a colour database for all colour critical packaging data. This colour database, provides the perfect tool set for creating and maintaining critical brand colours, creation of spot colour profiles and other colour conversion settings. This maintains consistency throughout the production environment by ensuring every application and operator works with the same colour critical data.

Share colour data

As in a production environment, we also need to share colour data throughout the packaging supply chain. We already share files, fonts, images and production specifications. We also need to share the critical colour information that goes along with the brands and packaging. Everyone works with the same data which provides brand owners, designers, prepress and converters access to the same colour information. The combination of unique spot colour profiling and spectral ink modelling provides absolute accuracy and predictability for spot colour simulation.

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