Cleaner, leaner and greener – explore Flenex FW flexo plates with Creation

05 May 2022

Our experienced packaging and label reprographics team prides itself on offering a truly leading range of sustainable technologies for our print customers.

As the market continues to move towards ‘greener’ supply chains that look to minimise waste, energy use and carbon emissions, repro houses play a key role in ensuring that quality, performance and graphic impact are not the cost of sustainable packaging design.

Innovation never sleeps, and one of the most promising technologies in reducing the environmental impact of flexo packaging and label printing is the development of water-washable plates. Creation has proudly championed the technology in the industry for some years and has demonstrated their effectiveness by using them on our own in-house projects.

Now, Creation is a supplier of Flenex FW, the latest solvent-free flexo plate range from global technology and photoproducts powerhouse, Fujifilm.

Flenex FW holds a number of distinct benefits over ‘traditional’ polymer plates, which centre around its water-washable characteristics and its real-time benefits in efficiency and performance.


How does it work?

The Flenex FW flexo plate contains a high-performance rubber-based compound that builds inherent advantages directly into the design, offering benefits that other elastomeric materials cannot match. Crucially, rubber is not sensitive to oxygen, which reduces the effect that atmospheric oxygen has on the dot shape.

Flenex FW plates eliminate the need for solvents in the prepress process, setting supply chains up the right way for top tier print performance – while still supporting a cleaner, more sustainably optimised supply chain.

Flenex FW is a fantastic choice for printers looking to boost quality and speed, while improving overall environmental footprint.

Could the Flenex FW, supplied by the Creation team, be the secret weapon for your next label or packaging project? Read on to discover the advantages for printers.


Rapid make ready and class-leading productivity

Speed is everything for today’s printers and we know that fast plate production means we can respond even more quickly to your needs.

Across exposure, washout, drying, post-exposure and detacking, Flenex FW reduces platemaking process times to under 40 minutes – around 300% faster than leading solvent systems. This is around 1.5 times faster than current thermal and water-washable plate technologies!

This agility means that Creation can react to the evolving needs of its print customers with a whole new level of speed and efficiency. More plates can be produced in a given time, with faster job turnaround – making reprographics work harder for the printers that rely on it.


Supreme quality with every print run

With Flenex FW, printers need never sacrifice quality for sustainability. The technology doesn’t just eliminate the need for solvents and wicking cloths, it boosts performance on even the longest print runs. Crucially, the plate delivers a consistent and repeatable 200lp at 4000 dpi, along with 1% process dot structure for precise, crisp graphics.

Flenex FW’s rubber-based compound means a 1% flat top dot gain can be achieved by printers without the need for complex or costly systems to remove oxygen, resulting in lower dot gain. Plus, better ink transfer, unlocked by Flenex FW, results in fantastic replicability alongside cleaner, brighter and more vivid results – sure to delight any print buyer.


Durability and lifetime value

Value-adding technology is great, but it needs the durability to deliver in today’s high volume, rapid turnaround market. Flenex FW excels, proven to deliver enhanced durability and endurance, along with reductions in plate swell.

For printers, this means each and every plate can perform longer on-press than traditional polymer plates, increasing overall press uptime, making long runs easier to manage, and supporting overall profitability as a result. In like-for-like testing on coated paper cartons at 55m/minute, Flenex FW was shown to be more than twice as durable as solvent-based plates. Additionally, in 12- and 24-hour plate swell tests, Flenex FW resulted in a 25-45% reduction in swelling in comparison to typical solvent plates.


In Summary

The Flenex FW water-washable flexo plates make a fantastic fit for Creation’s range of sustainable repro technologies.

Able to enhance operations while boosting print quality, the technology offers printers and converters a remarkably simple way to support ‘greener’ print supply chains. The plates underline a key message that we give to the packaging and label print sectors – today, ‘sustainable print’ does not mean compromises must be made in other areas, such as efficiency, speed or quality.

We are proud to lead the charge in making tomorrow’s prepress technology available to today’s printers and converters.

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