Packaging and label printing without limits – the Creation ‘Repro-lution’.

09 Nov 2023
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In today’s highly competitive label and flexible packaging printing industry, what does success look like for your business? 

For the most successful printers and converters, it hinges on speed, precision, and sustainability while managing tight margins – all to deliver a comprehensive service to brand customers.  

It’s a lot of plates to spin, but at Creation, we know that the key to achieving these goals lies in leveraging better prepress, which of course includes reprographics.  

We call it our ‘repro-lution’, fresh thinking that puts prepress setup in the spotlight and challenges it to achieve more. Every great story begins with a strong opening – and printing is no different. But what does that look like from our print customers’ perspective, and where do the real-time benefits come from? 

As we explore in more detail, we invite you to join the ‘repro-lution’ and find out how Creation Reprographics is empowering printers to drive more value and deliver results that impress – and make it look easy. 

Supercharged print performance 

In a market that demands speed, short lead times are now an order-winning advantage. At Creation, we know the value of efficiency and we pride ourselves of helping our customers deliver print perfection at rapid speed.  

As part of our service and produce range, we offer advanced technology such as Fujifilm Varnish Plates, which bring the best of flexo to the offset printing market. Our inclusion of Fujifilm Varnish Plates puts our discerning eye for prepress at the forefront; our team knows the technical elements of print setup like no-one else, and that’s what guides our customers to success, time and time again.  


When speed matters, count on Creation. 

Prepress expertise 

Creation’s team of seasoned reprographics professionals brings in-depth knowledge of inks, substrates, and printing techniques. The benefit for our customers is that by partnering with our team, a lot of the ‘guesswork’ can be taken away. We can guide and advise, to help your business get the most from your press operations.  

Our extensive experience in the packaging and label markets means we’re perfectly placed to help our customers navigate changing technologies, offering guidance and support throughout the entire prepress process. Whether it’s colour management, file optimisation, proofing, or flexo plate production, our experts ensure flawless execution and customer satisfaction – resulting in outstanding packaging and label products.  


When quality matters, count on Creation. 

Starting strong 

For converters, starting with a solid prepress foundation is crucial to a successful print project.  

We don’t dip in and out of projects – we’re a full end-to-end partner that removes a lot of the common pressure points for label converters and packaging printers. We work with our print customers from the initial concept stage, helping identify potential press issues, offering recommendations for design optimisation, and ensuring that all technical requirements are met.  

We know that ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough for brand owners, and by taking a proactive approach to prepress, we help our customers to save valuable time and resources, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient production process.  


When efficiency matters, count on Creation. 

Colour precision – every time 

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated translating colour outputs between devices, formats and substrates, you’ll instantly understand why the expertise of Creation is such a powerful tool for printers to tap into.  

Accurate and repeatable colour reproduction is essential in label and flexible packaging printing, particularly when shorter, but more regular runs, become more common. At Creation, our team is committed to delivering consistent and precise colour results that give our customers supreme confidence in their colour performance, regardless of the substrate or printing technique used.  

To do that, we use state-of-the-art colour management tools and platforms that ensure our colour conversions are flawless, resulting in vibrant and true-to-life print results.  


When colour consistency matters, count on Creation. 

Sustainability repro, made simple 

Reducing environmental impact is critical in the label and packaging printing industry. With key investments and a dedication to support our customers, we have a trusted reputation as the go-to name in packaging repro sustainability.  

Our range of services and products includes water-washable flexo plates that eliminate solvent VOC washout from prepress, such as Fujifilm’s Flenex-FW, further driving down the carbon impact of packaging and label production. Plus, our colour and ink inventory management services help our customers to reduce waste, as well as getting tighter control of costs.  


When sustainability matters, count on Creation. 

The printing market is flourishing, and competition is fierce. Label and flexible packaging printers need reliable and dedicated reprographic support to thrive and stay competitive.  

That’s why at Creation Reprographics, we proudly provide the support printers need to drive more value before the first press has even been fired up, excel in a dynamic market, and stay ahead of the competition.  

Partnering with our team at Creation means gaining a new toolbox in print, ensuring that every project starts on the right footing, and delivers exceptional results for both brand owners and consumers.  

Discover what Creation Reprographics can do for your printing projects today and join the ‘repro-lution.’ 

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