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Creation, a UK specialist in packaging artwork, reprographics and sleeve and plate production, has become an exclusive UK supplier of the Kocher & Beck rotary screens to the labels and narrow web market.

TecScreen™ from Kocher & Beck is a high definition, pre-coated screen made of a nickel-plated stainless-steel material, which is coated with photopolymer and covered with a protector carrier film.

Rick Leivers, Sales Manager at Kocher & Beck, said: “With printers under time and cost pressures, the task of effectively manufacturing the stencil for screen printing promptly and cost‐effectively is becoming ever more important. With TecScreen, we can deliver perfect print performance to the print industry with a system that is flexible, cost effective and efficient.”

Screen printing is particularly important in the design of cosmetics and beverage labels to create effects such as the no-label look, tactile and texture varnishes, metallic effects, security features and Braille.

Matt Francklow, Managing Director at Creation, said: “As the rotary screen market continues to grow, more and more of our customers have approached us asking about screens. As a partner with Kocher & Beck, we can now deliver fast response, premium screen solutions, whether it’s in roll form, sheets cut to size or completely imaged and mounted.”

TecSreen has a number of design characteristics that make it stand apart. The system can provide printers with high-definition screen imaging with resolutions of up to 4000dpi and is designed to ensure consistent quality, accuracy and registration over long print runs.

The system offers high-strength, long life and stability at high speeds, due to its symmetrical and durable fabric. Furthermore, the high-contrast red emulsion of the screen printing plate facilitates visual inspection for faults in the prepress phase which in turn increases reliability.

The TecScreen grades cover all common printing tasks and are available for all machine types and screen widths on the market. The flexibility of the system can also be found in its ability to reuse any end ring type, including Stork Rotamesh.

Francklow continued: “TecScreen offers high speed, high quality printing with the added benefits of reduced downtime and increased efficiency. I believe the register accuracy achieved by the system is highly valued by our customers during welding of the screens and subsequent assembly.”

Kocher & Beck is the world market leader in rotary die cutting technology and supplier for the label printing, envelope manufacturing, sheet-fed and reel-to-reel offset printing industries.

Creation works across the food & beverage, personal & home care, horticulture and pharmaceutical markets designing solutions for labelling, folding carton, rigid and flexible packaging applications.

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